Cockermouth Scottish Country Dance Club

About Scottish Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is a traditional style of social dance originating in Scotland and now popular around the world.  The dance style is characterised by its rhythm and energy and its focus on teamwork and socialising, all to the accompaniment of lively Scottish music.  Today, Scottish Country Dancing is enjoyed by people of all different ages and backgrounds and is considered a good form of both physical and mental exercise.  It is often encapsulated in the three words “Fun, fitness, friendship”.  

Dances are commonly performed in sets of 3, 4, or 5 couples, arranged either in two lines (‘men’ facing ‘ladies’) or in a square, and the dancers dance together through a sequence of formations. Scottish Country Dancing is mainly danced socially, but there are also opportunities to take part in festivals which may be either competitive or non-competitive. 

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923.  Its mission is to promote a worldwide community of Scottish Dance and Music and it has Branches and Affiliated Groups in countries around the globe.  More information can be found at the RSCDS website